Japanese Sushi and Washoku
to the World and to the Future

Washoku Inc. is an operation and management organization for
"Certification of Cooking Skills for Japanese Cuisine in Foreign Countries”
of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Japan "Oishii" to the world. Washoku
  • Japan Sushi College
  • Japan Oisii to the world


Japanese Sushi and Washoku
to the World and to the Future

The mission of Washoku Inc. is to expand Japanese food and sushi to the world and to become a platform for corporations and cooking technicians who are standing at the forefront.
For Japan, the organization makes it possible for every Japanese to experience hand-pressing sushi at least once, and to really feel that sushi is “Japan’s soul food”. We will continue with our activities so that a gathering of friends and family where sushi made by family is served, and so that such handmade heartwarming sushi becomes ordinary, and so that sushi does become “Japan’s true soul food”.

Growing Needs of Sushi and Washoku

“Washoku” was registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 2014, and Washoku, especially sushi, has increased in popularity not only in Japan, but overseas as well. It is expected that its popularity will increase in intensity towards the Olympic Games in 2020. In addition, awareness towards the safety of health is greatly expanding from developed countries to developing countries. However, even though there is a large market potential, there is a complete lack of human resources that can handle the appropriate product, meet hygiene standards, or have cooking and washoku technology. We will take responsibility for sushi and Washoku, which are the traditional culture of Japan, and for progressing in the development of human resources who can properly disseminate it in the correct manner.

Our strength

Our strength is definitely the "Exit strategy." As a member of a group that already has offices overseas (six in the US, ten in China, five in South Korea and three in the Philippines), we offer overseas stages where people who have studied sushi knowledge and technology can work. In addition, it is not sufficient to simply have knowledge and technology to work overseas. Acquiring technology based on science and theory on “why it becomes so” and “why it is that way” are essential. Washoku Inc. breaks away from the “look and learn” method that has been used until now for technical guidance, and based on the experience gained at the actual store and employee training for over 25 years, will develop world-class “sushi, washoku technicians”. In addition, we will improve support of local knowledge and technology by opening overseas schools, and by development of educational packages using videos.


3 Platforms

Under the philosophy of "Authentic Sushi and Washoku to the World” at Washoku Inc.,
we will develop three main businesses as the pillar of our company.

Sushi, Washoku Cooking Technician Training Business

"Japan Sushi College" is an authentic Sushi and Washoku Technology School where sushi, cooking, and “basics” of restaurant business are taught. Not simply where one is taught how to “hand-press sushi” and “prepare the fish”, but where hygiene and food management, which are the base, are taught from a scientific and theoretical viewpoint, aiming to train world-class technicians.

Sushi Culture Extension to General Household Business

We believe that food culture is something that is born from the general public and the home, and becomes fixed. At Washoku Inc., we will promote the spread of sushi cooking technology and knowledge in the general household, and train qualified teachers in various parts of Japan, and supporting the opening of the school by the teachers, aim for spread sushi as a home culture.



    Washoku Inc.


    October, 2015



  • President

    Keiji Itabashi

  • Business Details

    - Sushi and Washoku Technical School
    -"Japan Sushi College" operation
    -Sushi Culture Extension to General Household Business
    -Dispatch and placement services of Sushi and Washoku Cooking Technicians


    1F Onoya Kyobashi Buillding,
    1-4-10 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku,
    Tokyo, 104-0031


    TEL 03-6416-0956
    FAX 03-6316-1449

  • E-MAIL


My name is Keiji Itabashi and I am the new representative.
We received a business transfer in 2021, but due to the influence of Corona, we were in a difficult situation due to the complete suspension of foreign workers and inbound business.
During that time, we have reviewed various business plans for after-corona. In 2022, when the lights are finally visible, we plan to release a new plan from July to August.
We will announce it on the Facebook page sequentially from July. Thank you for your cooperation.



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